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Kedra Kdragon will be starting in her pathfinder adventures next week, i had also made a goal, draw a scene from pathfinder involving her.

Kedra is one of my oldest characters, A halfdragon.

redesigned, and history re-written. I’m looking forward to this.

She has normal human feet now btw


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I wanted to post this months ago, but completely forgotten

this is one of my oldest characters and my very first roleplaying one at that.

She was also my very first personification of my self, when I was young I wanted to be some sort of hero. a fighter of sorts. also, well she’s also got royal blood in her too.. She is what i liked to call a “Dragon warrior” and whatnot.

And her talking sword, Dracus. he’s got a really bad sailor’s mouth, and all he wants is to taste blood.

I hope to use these two once again one day…

Also, this is my 7th time re-designing her over the coarse of the years I’ve had her. Still not quite satisfied just yet.

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“I’m done with your shit, Jon I’ll burn you ALIVE.”

-Kedra Kdragon

*image inspired by the song “FIREWALL”*


Kedra don’t like wearing shoes, she calls them foot prisons, but will only wear them if trying to disguise herself.


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